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Here you will find updates, news and other important information regarding the Government of Canada travel restrictions and regulations along with any relevant Provincial government information. 

All regulations and stages in our Arrival guide still apply except when they are overridden by the conditions below.  This document must still be followed and all communication components with our department must be met.

Peel Schools for International Students does not provide financial assistance for Quarantine Requirements.​


Arrival Date

First day of school is September 9.  Do not arrive anymore than 4 weeks before this date/  You will not be allowed.


Government Covid Taraveller resoruces

Visit this valuable website for information from the Government of Canada on travelling to Canada by air during COVID-19  This website includes information on things you must do before travel, during travel, your arrival and your quarantine. Click here.


Exemptions from testing and quarantine

Find out if your travel might be exempt form various stipulations. Click here.


Quarantine and Isolation FAQs

Some answers to questions our International Students might be having as they plan to either return to Canada or join us here for the first time.

Click HERE International Student Quarantine and Isolation FAQs


Government Testing requirement

Fully vaccinated travellers who are permitted to enter Canada will not be subject to the federal requirement to quarantine or take a COVID-19 test on day-8

Click HERE for news release.


GoverNment Travel Info

Impacts of vaccinations on travel, entry, quarantine from the Government of Canada.

Vaccines must be Canadian government approved vaccines.

Click HERE for government website.


Learning modEL

PDSB is expecting a return to in-person learning with a modified semester system.  This means students will take 2 classes one week and their other 2 classes the next week. 

Click here for more information.


VISA Timelines

IRCC is suggesting VISA processing timelines are currently about 7 weeks from receipt until a decision is made.

Check current wait times for Study Visas here.


SChool Dates

The first day of classes for Peel Schools for International students for September 2021 will be on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Click here for our school board live calendar.


Goverment Announcements

The province of Ontario will continue to allow our program to accept students for September 2021 and on.  New students will be allowed to join in-person lessons.


format of learning

International students who are new to the program can still begin online even if they have not arrived in Canada yet.  They can learn in their home country online.  Please note these lessons are only offered in EST time zone.