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The Peel District School Board is one of Canada’s largest school boards, serving more than 155,000+ kindergarten to grade 12 students at 257 schools.


We are located in one of the most diverse and multicultural regions in the world. Our students and staff speak various languages, our teaching practices are culturally responsive and we are committed to helping our students achieve to the best of their abilities.


Since 2005, hundreds of international students have graduated from our programs. In addition, our schools welcome close to 3,500 new students each year whose families immigrate to Canada from around the world. This incredible experience has enhanced the ability of Peel board teachers to ensure motivated students acquire academic-level English and go on to post-secondary success.


Everything we do is designed to help each child achieve to the best of his or her ability. Our collective, daily efforts make a positive difference in the lives of our students, their families and the world.

We inspire success, confidence and hope in each child!

There’s no better place for your child to learn, grow and succeed. Here’s why:

College Students

OUR Students

Your children are our children. We are committed to their well-being, safety and success in all areas.  We believe in education and caring for the whole student.

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HIGH Expectations for ACHEIEVEMENT

We expect nothing short of excellence and set high expectations for achievement. Our students consistently achieve academic and personal excellence.

Students in a Science Class


Students are encouraged to pursue their passions—we offer a variety of programs of choice and extracurricular activities to meet the needs of every student.

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A Truly DIVERSE Environment

Our schools are alive with diversity. This enhances the school experience—students learn to interact in a diverse environment and prepare for global citizenship in Canada and the world.

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Our dedicated, caring and diverse staff are well-qualified and results-oriented individuals who help students achieve to their full potential.



We have embraced innovative practices that foster learning experiences that meet the needs of the students and families within an ever-changing social context. We enable creative and innovative learning through technology to engage each student. 

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