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Below is a list of important and valuable links to resources and websites that will help you in your developing your plans and arriving in Canada.


ArriveCAN Application Guide and Help.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the updated ArriveCAN v2.15.18 mobile App that all people entering Canada from abroad must complete.

From our friends at the Delta School District.

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COVID-19 Travel Tool Kit

The Public Health Agency of Canada has published a Travel Tool Kit which contains more detailed guidance for travellers entering Canada who are:

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Entering Canada Information for Travellers

Visit this valuable website for information from the Government of Canada on travelling to Canada by air during COVID-19  This website includes information on things you must do before travel, during travel, your arrival and your quarantine.

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COVID-19: A Guide for International Students

A consolidated set of guidelines to support the return of international students and outline the roles and responsibilities of Designated Learning Institutions, Provinces and Territories, and the Government of Canada.  This is a must-read if you are planning on join us in-person.


Toronto Pearson International Airport Health Measures 

This website will provide you with information on the process and procedures at the airport when you arrive.  Information on masks, terminal access, entering and existing along with who is allowed in to pick you up, plus much more is provided.


Region of Peel COVID-19 Updates and Information

This the health authority for where we are located.  Their website can provide you with information on new health measures in Peel Region, How to stay safe from COVID-19 along with Testing locations and social supports for people living in Peel.  Also available in your own language!


Government of Canada Quarantine Information

Detailed information to assist you in carrying out and planning your mandatory 14-Day Quarantine once you arrive.  Knowing and understanding all of the requirements is important because you can face imprisonment and very extensive fines if you are not in compliance.  Read more by clicking here.


Government of Ontario COVID-19 Resources

This is from our Provincial Government and this site provides information on self-assessments, testing locations, how to find your test results and how to properly screen yourself for COVID-19 before attending a school.  Information regarding current cases of COVID-19 in our Province also provided.

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Public Health Ontario 

Public Health Ontario's website is a valuable resource that has lots of information that you can download in your own language!!!! Topics that you can find the are easy for you to access include: How to Self-Isolate, How to Protect Yourself and How to Self Monitor. Great Resource for non-english readers.

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Government of Canada - COVID-19: Travel Information

Extremely important information for you when planning to come to Canada.  Information on restrictions, 14-day mandatory quarantine along with the information on the ArriveCAN app that all visitors to our country must download and complete before they depart their home country.


COVID-19 Test and Testing Location Information

What you need to know before, during, and after a test at an assessment centre, pharmacy, or community lab.  Remember you must take a COVID-19 test and share the results with our program before you can enter a Peel Schools for International Students school.  Important information for you!

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Quarantine Act - Government of Canada

This the full Quarantine Act from the Government of Canada and is the underlying legislation that must be followed.  If you are to be found not in compliance the penalties you face would be as a result of contravening stipulations of this act.

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